Too knackered to write this Saturday

I’ve already spoken of the Drillhall were I volunter (must remember to take camera) well The Chepstow (itty bitty indy) Bookshop has steady been building a reputation;

First best independant bookshop in Wales and the West and just missing out on the best in the UK

This weekend was named one of the 50 Best Bookshops in the UK

The Owner was very modest and didn’t tell anyone he was a Costa Book Prize  judge in 2009

Well it meant a busy Weekend Friday we had General Sir Richard Dannett and Chepstow being a Garrison Town as well as being close to other military towns and bases, the SAS regularly pass thru on the way to the Breacon Beacons where they train it was a full house and a thirtsy crowd.

Saturday morning was Alexander Maccall Smith First time we had a morning event that he made as a detour to Cheltenham Festival.  But if you can go to one of his events (It was over an hour of Him talking then answering questions) go He was charming and very elegant in Crushed Strawberry Trousers and exteremly funny. (If you contact me I could divulge what JLB stand for? if you promise to keep it confidential [Apprently in Edinburgh this means telling only one person at a time])

In the evening there was a play which was surprisingly good being a production to get as many WWII songs into a show as possible, and including nods to the whole Homefront war movies ever made

I’m having a break and not helping out on Tuesday when Ken Follet is doing a turn, about His new trilogy just as The TV started advertising The Pillars of the Earth mini-series.  So bet that will be a sell out


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