Cute Story

From the BBC

Rottweiler is piglet's surrogate

Sasha the Rottweiler with Apple Sauce the piglet

Apple Sauce the piglet snuggles up to surrogate mum, Sasha

A piglet abandoned by her mother has been adopted by a Rottweiler.

When the Belgian Blue piglet was rejected, owner Heidi Rhiann, of Pont Llogel, near Llanfyllin, gave her to dog Sasha, who had just had puppies.

They soon formed an unlikely bond. Ms Rhiann said the piglet, called Apple Sauce, would not face the chop and would be kept as a family pet.

She was the runt in the litter of 13 piglets, and was in danger of dying when her mother rejected her.

As a last resort, pig breeder Ms Rhiann decided to see if Sasha would take on the maternal duties.

"It was the last chance for the piglet. I wrapped Apple Sauce in a blanket the puppies had been on to try and transfer the scent and left her next to Sasha," said Ms Rhiann.

Apple Sauce with Rottweiler puppies

Apple Sauce with her new brothers and sister

"About an hour later I went to see how they were getting along and Apple Sauce was suckling."

Ms Rhiann said first-time mum Sasha, an 18-month-old, 45-kilo Rottweiler, had been a wonderful mother to Apple Sauce.

"Apple Sauce was skin and bone when I handed her over to Sasha and now she's gaining weight and starting to fatten up," she added.

"Apple Sauce has a poorly trotter at the moment and Sasha knows this and is trying to lick it better. She instinctively knows Apple Sauce isn't in perfect health.

"We feed Apple Sauce with some supplementary feed and Sasha gives a concerned whine when we pick her up, as much as to say 'what are you doing with my puppy?'."

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4 Responses to “Cute Story”

  1. fatcat Says:

    awww, cute story-and rotties are such beautiful dogs!

  2. LBeeeze Says:

    That's an awesome story…..what a great mom!

  3. Dewi CasGwent Says:

    I especailly love the bit about the why you taking my puppy look when they give the piglet extra feeding.

  4. LBeeeze Says:

    Me too!

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