Nice to be noticed

So went to my GP's today and been given another antibiotic and been signed off sick for a week when I have to go back to have the swelling checked.

But I popped into work to drop off my sick note and take my manager through the to do list.  At least something I've been saying we should have been doing has come back to bite the senior management. I'm not there to dig them out of the hole, and I'm not going as they never give me credit its only why didn't do it ignoring the fact I warned them and they made the decision to make life easier for them.

What has got me is I walked through the lab with a sling on and only 1 person asked me what was wrong I even sat in a packed office for 10mins without being asked, It is nice to know I mean something but I've realisied I'm only noticed when I'm not there and things go wrong. 


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2 Responses to “Nice to be noticed”

  1. jaypo Says:

    People are so weird sometimes, Dewi. What's so hard about saying, "How are you? Are you ok?" You take care of that arm. (((hugs)))

  2. LBeeeze Says:

    Hope your whole situation is looking up. Sounds like you've been in a really tough spot.

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