Made a discovery

I'll write up Undressing Mr Darcy once I've found some decent photos, it was a wonderful day.

But knowing many of my VOX peeps like there food and even grow it.  The local health food(ha ha ha*) deli has started selling a locals vegetables, not organic as this is a persons allotment so hasn't got the certification but is grown organically.  But It included some very odd shaped tomatoes called Bulls Heart





Form the net, its an old Russian variety, but they can be huge, but they are heavy because they are solid, practically no seeds just solid flesh, useless for stuffing but wonderful for salads and sarnies.  The taste is rich and sweet with just a hint of sharpness.  Those of my peeps that grow tomatoes can I suggest planting them?

*It sell some wonderful gooey chocolaty and totally fattening pastries, totally unhealthy but lovely

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9 Responses to “Made a discovery”

  1. jaypo Says:

    Hi, Dewi! They DO look like beef/bulls hearts. Almost too close for comfort… but if they taste that good, I'd try them for sure. Pretty photo!

  2. Dewi CasGwent Says:

    I got the photo from a seed company an american one actually the only seeds I found in the UK come from Italy, and don't look the same.

  3. jaypo Says:

    Americans are big on heritage tomatos these days. I haven't tried too many myself… the weather this year hasn't been the best for 'maters.

  4. Lurkertype Says:

    I'm allergic to the 'maters, so don't grow them. I do hear the heritage ones are quite tasty, though.speaking of tasty, can't wait for the piccies of Mr. D!

  5. DKN Says:

    Those look amazing and are a perfect match for my last post!!

  6. Lauri Says:

    Oh, I love love love tomatoes and I will try some of these next year! They look and sound delicious!

  7. Dewi CasGwent Says:

    see my reply to jaypo, there is a link to a company selling the seeds and someother interesting ones

  8. Lauri Says:

    Thanks, Dewi! My tomatoes are just about done for this year, but wow they were wonderful this year! I have a lot of them frozen!!!

  9. Dancing Bear Says:

    We still have hundreds of maters and will have them all the way through December. We got tons of heirloom ones and we have harlequin ones that have wierd spots all over them. Some of them are ripe but don't look it so you have to really know what you planted where. Big golden ones and grape tomatoes instead of cherry tomatoes this year. I love steak and arugula with grape tomatoes and gorgonzola cheese in a light vinaigrette. Lots of fresh cracked pepper.

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