So today is the most depressing day

So some academic has determined today is the most depressing day, that would explain why I feel like this!  Luckily I was throwing up so I did have an excuse to phone in sick bt instead of the usual few hours while things settle I have had the entire day off.  I don't care if they didn't provide cover and things go pearshaped (a total foul up), they don't care so I'm not going to.


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3 Responses to “So today is the most depressing day”

  1. jaypo Says:

    things go pearshapedThat's a great expression!Hope you feel better soon, Dewi.

  2. Morgat Says:

    Take care of you.
    The depressingest day — someone in a meeting I was in mentioned that today. I could have done without that meeting today, that's for sure — it would have been a much happier day without it! Oh well… sigh…
    Again I say, take care of you…

  3. Lauri Says:

    Sorry about work. Management difficulties seem to be everywhere. It's hard to live with. Hope things are getting better.

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