What a good idea!

Pity it was a publicity stunt for an hour but, we could all do with a Good Riddance Day so what would you get rid of?

I have a lot but a) Would they have to be dead first and b) would the shreader take that amount of bodies? Before you ask the answer to c) Would anybody at work notice the bosses ( I would say management but that too much of an oxymoron) weren't there?  Answer yes as a lot more work is being done with far fewer headaches.

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One Response to “What a good idea!”

  1. brownamazon Says:

    Damn…I can think of a few people I would like to add to the pile. Pain-in-the-ass coworkers. Britney and her equally skanky sister. And their crackpot mum. Oh, and Ugg boots. Every last hideous pair.

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