T’is the season of Peace and Goodwill

Well the Assaination of Benazir Bhutto has put paid to that.

But on a more domestic level, there are the January sales, even my walking stick doesn't carry much clout (unless 'accidentally' used to hit ankles of queue jumpers, etc)

But what really hasn't surprised me is this morning my door wreath




Sorry such a bad picture had to scane front of the box

Was pinched, I went through a period when I had an item or two pinched from my 'garden' about a yard of concrete between me and the road I've filled with planters.  Looks like I'll have to start chaining things again!  Especailly with New Years Eve Coming up.  As it isn't premeditated crime granted sometimes I have expensive plants outside, its a case of drunks thinking those are pretty flowers/ornaments the wife/girlfriend will ignore/forgive the lateness/drink/night on the lash when She sees them.  It got to the stage I planted Worcesterberries I did manage to eat a few but they weren't worth the blood to pick many as the bush has some of the most vicious thorns you have ever seen, it is actually recommended as a hedging plant replacement for razorwire, unfortunately they didn't like being grown in pots and didn't overwinter, I might go on the look out for holly if i need "green razorwire" again.

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One Response to “T’is the season of Peace and Goodwill”

  1. DKN Says:

    Someone stole your wreath!? EVIL!

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