I see Tony Blair has finally made it official

This isn't meant to be irreligious nor anti catholic, but now he has left office as Prime Minister Tony Blair has formally become Catholic, so must have made the decision, a while ago.

I know what you so what and to some extent I don't care, except for nagging doubt that He only held back until He left office to keep the power of patronage, when in power Tony's Cronies always seemed to move from one plum job to another (when they failed they got a big payout to leave then got appointed to another plum job). 

In Britain the Church of England is established it is part of the State officially, to the point that Bishops and quiet a few other jobs, are nominally made by the Queen as temporal head of the Church, and the Bishops have some involvement in passing laws.  That is fine except the Queen makes these appointment and even only approves changes in Cannon Law on the advise of the Prime Minister, granted He picks from a short list picked by an 'independent committee's which He appoints all the members of.  Unless the PM is Catholic, the PM and the Lord Chancellor can be Catholic but if they are they lose certain powers, the Lord Chancellor does and has lost his powers as 'Keeper of the Queen Conscience' effectively the Chief Judge in cases of Church Law, and the PM would lose all his powers over the Church so He couldn't be involved in the appointment to Church offices or control over the Church's assets.

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