So cats do have staff

This from BBC News

A Cat dissapears every night and expects to be picked up and driven back at a certain spot and time by someone else!



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7 Responses to “So cats do have staff”

  1. studio524 Says:

    ROFL – I never would have thought otherwise.My cats have a butler and a maid and a personal chef.*g*

  2. studio524 Says:

    PS – That story is sooo cute.

  3. little miao Says:

    So sweet! I'm sharing the story with Papa Miao and Mama Miao too.Back at home, Sgt Podge has breakfast before going to sleep by a warm radiator.Sounds like quite a life of luxury! As it should be, of course.

  4. RedScylla Says:

    I was going to blog about this, too! I just loved the headline: Cat's Daily Routine Baffles Owner. Well, duh. All cat owners are baffled by their cats' daily routines. That is the nature of cat: baffling.

  5. lauowolf Says:

    Yes, baffling people is a favorite cat hobby.I've been baffled on and off for years.I'm just hiding this one from the cats, lest it give them ideas.I'm just not as well trained as this lady.

  6. Lurkertype Says:

    I ❤ Sgt. Podge (great name). He's willing to walk to his destination, but not back… just waits for his chauffeur.

  7. jaypo Says:

    So typical of the feline gestalt. If you wait long enough, it will appear. Again and again. Therefore, the waiting ceases.

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