After a step backwards on the upward path

Just a note to thank everybody, espcailly Meg Teho (for CO) Little Miao and the Bros, and the Burgers.  My Nans death and the funneral set me back bt now the antidepresasnts are really kicking in.  I sorry for the following rant but I think I need to put it down to get it out of my system.


But this grinding myself into the blues will have to stop, I said it last time but this time I mean it I won't let work hurt me again, my "o you can't arrange holiday cover, I'll delay the holiday" or " no Doc don't sign me off and cause a stink at work" won't happen againb In fact I have booked my first holiday of the year (yes my first holiday) for December.  I even picked what is usually my worst week when everybody wants me to do stuff to clear audit actions or clear work ready for Christmas, and I'm going abroad with no mobile so no one can contact me (I got phoned during the treatment of my little lump, not for a belated get well message , I never did get a card as my manager was to busy to organise it, but  'you better get back soon as we can't cope' the point being at the time I left I was doing all the work alone and the 3 people the rounded up couldn't handle it, and they wanted me back when I could bearly walk 50 yrds without a breather!

From now on a lot of stuff I dealt with is going to the boss to deal with, and I won't cover up for him, and no more covering up, our auditors nearly shut the company up last time when I wasn't there and threated again because they have gone back to relying on just me, no more backdating signitures redoing someone elses faulty work, if a job is delegated to someone I will not pick it up when it is running late.  No more will the "thanks you letters" be put in one pile for the manger to claim credit for they will be mine unless he did something, but the biggest thing is if as normal I leave no outstanding work before I go (My unfortunate habit of being taken from work in an ambulancehas left me with the tendancy to finsh things every Friday just in case I'm not back Monday) I won't touch anything outstanding on my return.


But as it seems my boss's manager can happily take several weeks sick leave after his Mother died, but I was expected only to take the 5 days specail leave when mine Mom died, and I havn't taken anytime off since this depression hit, I am going to take my Drs advise if he says take it easy, so no more lifting they will have to work out a collection and delivery to my rrom not expect me to hobble to pick stuff up and balance it cane in one hand parcel in the other

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8 Responses to “After a step backwards on the upward path”

  1. Laurie Says:

    I'm glad to hear of your new resolve. Good for you! Dr's advice should always trump boss's needs.

  2. Morgat Says:

    Laurie said it exactly. Take care of you first. I'm so glad you're taking a holiday — you need the break, and they need to learn that they have to do something around there, too!
    I repeat, take care of you.

  3. little miao Says:

    I think it's absolutely the right thing for you to take a holiday. It sounds like it is long overdue.Take care, Dewi!

  4. studio524 Says:

    I'm so sorry I've been absent from your blog and I'm sorry to read about your loss.
    Having gone through a similar situation w/work I can assure you that you MUST put your health above all else. Be well, Dewi.

  5. Dewi CasGwent Says:

    thanks, but you have been thru the mill as well recently, good to see it was just painful and harmless than something more sinister.

  6. studio524 Says:

    yes. i'm still dealing with my issue. doctor's appt. tomorrow. i
    haven't had enough improvement [i know this because it's not
    healed/closed] . tomorrow i'll be formally referred to yet another
    doctor. how harmless it is remains to be determined. it's not
    even been given a name – this issue. it's a zebra. no one knows what to
    do with a zebra.

  7. Dewi CasGwent Says:

    Crossing everything that everything is okay, I had enough of no name to a problem. With a name you can shout at it and tell it to go away, and need not be too polite. Mind I started to pity my lump it was a pathetic thing, even before it was starved, poisoned and given enough x-rays that it would glow in the dark, hopefully it got the hint and won't come back.

  8. studio524 Says:

    {{{HUGS}}} you back.
    i just knitted you a coat of positive energy.
    try it on – wear it's warm but not too much that it can't be worn indoors.
    i will keep you in my thoughts and hope that the nasty lump got the message. 😉

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