At the request of Brown Sugar

As I havn'ty been able to attach this to a message to Redzillia I have had to post it, for Brown Sugars inspection

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8 Responses to “At the request of Brown Sugar”

  1. Brown Suga' Says:

    Hot DAMN.

  2. Brown Suga' Says:

    I admit though … I didn't expect to see the pants off. 😀 Bonus!!!

  3. RedScylla Says:

    Well, it certainly provides evidence of his having a nice behind, but it makes the phrase "Captain Tight Pants" meaningless. More like Captain Pantsless.

  4. Lurkertype Says:

    That's why us Browncoats around here call him "Cap'n No-Pants".

  5. musicchick2 Says:

    HELL–LO!!! Dang… didn't expect to see this on Vox! LOL! I'm just realizing that I haven't seen a sight like that in about…. 4 years or so. I need to get back out there! :-O

  6. Dewi CasGwent Says:

    Clearly his pants were so tight they burst right off him

  7. DKN Says:

    OH SNAP! humina humina humina….

  8. brownamazon Says:

    Does anybody else think he looks…oddly red and shiny?

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