Back again after the back again

Sorry for not being around much but had some fun(insert irony emoticon) with my back, and now I'm typing this with a pillow to keep my head up, as it has become a wry neck.  So apart from the odd comment and the daily dose of



Cats with hands

and a few others I havn't being doing much apart from lie down.

But I got this from


Who always sees to provide fun things as well as never ending floof courtesy of the Miao bros.

Why do people run from Dewi Casgwent?

You always claim to see the future then write it down in vague little stanzas
'Why">">'Why do people run from you?' at" style="color: #FF0000;">

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6 Responses to “Back again after the back again”

  1. studio524 Says:

    I hope you feel better soon, Dewi.I've had a bit of back trouble ever since I learned that my bike and I can't fly.It's a long story [the flying part] but at least twice a year I end up in the chiro's office. In 3-4 visits he has my neck and back aligned and I am back to my old self. If you don't have a chiro you should check into it. It's much better than downing a bottle of Advil a day.

  2. lauowolf Says:

    Back stuff is the worst — and necks take just forever to get better.Something about having to hold up that head thing….Any chance of getting physical therapy?When I had whiplash (bad) it helped a lot.

  3. Dewi CasGwent Says:

    I'm a regular at the local oseoepath for reason Chepstow is well served with osteopath and chiropraters (I use the oseteopath they are 'registered medical practicioners' in the UK chiropraters aren't), and once the spasm goes I'll be going again
    Can't take advil as It makes me sick, I take tramadol (Ultram), up to the max

  4. Dewi CasGwent Says:

    Don't tell me after the car accident I was in a collar for a couple of months.
    Don't mention Physio (sorry bad experience first with knee "I need you to bend it forward 5° before you go"), but the osteopathhas done wonders

  5. lauowolf Says:

    Yeah, most of the pt people I saw sucked, but then I found the good one.

  6. little miao Says:

    Aw, I hope you feel better soon.Those Cats with Hands are so funny – I just spent about half an hour reading through their archives.

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