Product cuteness

Sleep Cat

I had the wonderful Hawkins Bazaar email there new items including this sleepy cat, ideal for homes, or workplaces where you can't have a cat. I shall selflessly endovour to examine one in real life, to see if it is really that lifelike


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2 Responses to “Product cuteness”

  1. musicchick2 Says:

    Whoa…..and I thought I was crazy for cats! This place takes it to a whole new level. LOL!

  2. Drude Says:

    Oooh, I have seen these up close (or something very similar) – they're cute, the fur looks perfectly like real fur, but then you touch them, and they're stiff and hard… and it kinda feels like rigor mortis… and I hadn't seen the bit about the fur being completely artificial yet… so it totally freaked me out.

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