Amazing what the Public Record Office keeps


I get regular tweets from the Publicc Records Office here in the UK clearly because 10 Downing Street has a Cat appointed mouser in Chief, they dug out the old records

Including people complaining that 1d a day for food in 1929 was a bit low, and the letters of condolence when the Cat died


To my American Readers


As an Old Wulfrunian and hoping that some one knows of a generous historic foundation that might want to give Money to what was my old Parish church St Peters

An interesting story
As St Peters was where Button Gwinnett was Married and so has one of the very few copies of His signiture, Unfortunatly It can’t sell the signiture to cover the cost or repairing the organ let alone display the Marriage register

Cats in Bowls


Posted with out comment as head not yet glued back together

Polar Bears who knew they were so clever


New BBC programme Polar Bear Spy on the Ice has to be watched

Reasons to Watch

1 Polar Bear Cubs Playing

2  The insane length and ingenuity of the wildlife photographers

3 Mother Polar Bears and their Cubs

4 Polar Bears now how to provide the QTE, in the first 5 mins Polar Bear Mother clears camera lens and ensures camera catches best side of her cub

New Simon’s cat Video


This New Video appears to be only availble fro the Guardian website at the moment and doesn’t have an embed code so here is the link

Hopefully embeded copy below

This must be a windup!


Great song and Video


Got this from Facebook, sort of proves DADT is a silly if not stupid.

Darwin Award Candidate


Saw this tee shirt better than Abercrombie and Fitch


T Shirt design


I like Howie great clohing and great tee shirts but this is the best I’ve seen for a while.

What a great video


Saw this on the ever wonderful BBC news site, Stephen Fry giving a baby white rhino his bottle.  But where is the video of Mr Fry winding the baby rhino?

Clearly still having problems here is the URL